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Avi Edri believes there’s no such thing as a woman who isn’t beautiful. Possibly, there are those with hidden beauty—and with a few brush strokes on the head and brush strokes of color on the face, the same person stands before you; in high definition.

Roget Resca is living the American Dream—New York style. A native of Nice, France, Roget came to United States for an extended visit, and loved so much, he never left. A hair stylist by profession, he quickly became the stylist of choice in a number of prestigious salons before opening his own—the Roget Resca Salon— on Lexington Avenue. Roget specializes in dry cuts, natural and relaxed looks, and using a gentle non-peroxide dye that leaves hair looking gorgeous without damaging it. Roget believes women sholdn’t rely on fashion or trends to determine their personal style, but should embrace their own original look.

Roget is delighted to have an extremely talented art director on board—Avi Edri. Born in Israel to a family of artists, Avi be gan painting before he could stand upright. Even as a child, he took particular interest in makeup, he was enchanted by the idea of creating living, breathing works of art. At age 13, he began creating new looks for the women of his neighborhood, practicing his skills with makeup and hairstyling. They were delighted with the results, and his reputation began to spread. By age 17 he was working at an upscale salon, and later shared his talents as an instructor at the Ort Beauty School in Haifa, Israel.

In 1992, Avi heeded the call to the fashion mecca of the world, and since then has been contributing his creativity and skill to the New York fashion industry. Indeed, he has been the makeup artist, and the face of IL MAKIAGE Ltd for North America, for 20 years. He’s worked on magazine and catalog photoshoots, as well as upscale fashion events such as runway shows, and has been hired to touch up celebrity attendees. Thanks to his rich experience collaborating with art directors, stylists and photographers, he excels in image transformation, ranging from color and cut to style and makeup enhancements. He’s worked with Ralph Lauren, Ocean Drive Magazine, The Wedding Channel and YRB Magazine, and contributed his skills to IL MAKIAGE, the HBA Global Expo and the Michael Awards, among many others.

Aviís clients rave about his innovation, his energy, his vision and his strong interpersonal skills. Known for his sense of fun and creativity, he puts his clients at ease as he teases out their natural beauty. From the classic and the natural to the exotic and the extraordinary, Avi loves to create something new and exciting for his clients while tailoring their look to their personal style and vision. Whether you’re a model on the set of an upscale fashion shoot or a blushing bride on your wedding day, you can rest assured that when Avi’s finished with you, you will look and feel your absolute best.






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