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Ryan Shemen is the one-stop-shop event maestro who makes organizing a function for thousands look as simple as making a cup of coffee. He sets in motion international fundraising efforts for global clients and has organized over a thousand functions to date—from fashion shows and corporate events to weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and yacht cruises. His company, Success with TeamWork, acts as a marketing platform for events that reach over 10,000 vetted social influencers, allowing the client to get content out on a grand scale using both online and offline media. Ryan and his team shine that bright light on companies and individuals, providing real-time results.
We wanted to know more about the Ryan Shemen-Success with TeamWork experience.
How did you become one of the top night-life and event consultants in NY?
When I launched my business, my goal was to become the Seamless of nightlife: delivering the goods so the client can enjoy every second of their event. I have networked with investors, florists, caterers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, transportation organizations, entertainers and other service-providers via countless functions over the years. I believe you only get one chance to make a strong impression, so the Success with TeamWork squad will go above and beyond to ensure that every person who attends one of our events leaves with fond memories. We’ve coordinated projects for people of all ages, races, religions and cultures—from a sold-out Barclay Center event with 15,000+ attendees to a private wedding on a yacht. Either you bring the guests or we do!
What kinds of packages do you offer?
We don’t offer any cookie cutter packages. Every event is truly unique and we customize every aspect of the function. Each client is assigned an event producer; we then strategize together to organize a game plan. We apply everything we’ve learned from our collective experience, and we assemble the perfect team to put together the event of a lifetime. Naturally, attention to detail is our specialty, and it can be the difference between being written about in the newspapers or getting fired.
Do you enjoy coming up with unique themes and concepts for events?
I love coming up with themes and concepts with patrons. From glow-in-the-dark paint parties, to masquerade singles’ functions, to travel excursions—we’ve even sent folks across the globe for mind-blowing experiences! Our specialty is bringing brands to life. We’ve raised millions of dollars for Memorial Sloan Kettering through events, and worked with businesses like HBO, Cinemax, AMC Theatres, Sony, The Grammy Awards and several additional corporations. Our goal is to turn your dreams and concepts into a reality.
What’s the most extraordinary event you’ve ever done?
The most extraordinary event I’ve ever done was last New Year’s eve in Miami. I flew down with clients who are major players in the real-estate and diamond industries—on their private plane! I met several A-list hip-hop stars, like French Montana, Future, Drake, Sean Combs, and The Weeknd. The event took place at a club called LIV in the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. Bar totals exceeded one million dollars! Some professional NBA, NHL and MLB players swung by. I met Kevin Hart—one of my favorite comedians in the world—that night. We partied ‘til the sun rose! One of the best nights of my life, hands down.
What was one of the hardest concepts you’ve had to actualize?
The hardest project we were tasked to conceptualize was a Holocaust book event titled “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family’s Nazi Past.” We had to consider the sensitivities and emotional well-being not only of the author, but of the audience that consisted mostly of elderly Holocaust survivors. We had to coordinate media coverage sensitively, as it was vital that the materials should be presented in an engaging yet compassionate manner.
Who are some artists you really admire?
Matisyahu, Jay Z, Madonna, Elton John, Rihanna and many others who share the truth regardless of the consequences. I greatly admire people who stay true to themselves despite facing adversity. To my mind, these are people to look up to.
Do you ever sleep?
I am very high energy and require very little sleep. I’m the type of person who clocks in every day from the moment I open my eyes ‘til I fall asleep many hours later.
Have you overseen any communal initiatives?
Yes, a wide range of them. For example, we raised funds to fight terrorism by organizing a bowling fundraiser. Donations went directly to a hospital, to soldiers and to technology that will save lives.
Who or what inspires you?
My father is my inspiration and role model. He is a hardworking head and neck surgeon practicing in Manhattan for over 30 years, and he’s a paragon of excellence, decency and honesty. He does a lot of charitable work, cares for each individual’s well-being and always provides the best quality of care.
One tip for networking?
Create the opportunity rather than waiting for the opportunity to come to you.


If you want to learn more about Ryan and his team, visit Call: 619-432-2378 Instagram: #SuccessWithTeamwork Twitter: SuccessWTeamwrk
Facebook: SuccesswithTeamWork
LinkedIn: Success With Teamwork LLC.

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