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From the moment Maestro Gregory Singer picks up his violin, the audience feels the palpable energy of the symphony coursing through his veins. The music he and his symphony produce becomes a vehicle which takes both Mr. Singer and his audience on a journey of discovery and fulfillment.

Born into a family of accomplished musicians, his mother Rachel L. Singer, is a concert pianist and his father, Jacques Singer, was a renowned musician and conductor, Gregory was destined to follow in his parents’ footsteps. From an early age, Gregory demonstrated an innate ability for music, making his musical debut at the age of eleven with the Oregon Symphony and going on to become an accomplished musician, composer, and conductor of his own orchestra. As an homage to his late father’s legacy, Gregory wears his father’s tailcoat in every performance as conductor of his Manhattan Symphonie of New York.


Gregory’s musical accomplishments are numerous and are the result of hard work and perseverance. As far back as he can remember, his violin has been a constant companion, always by his side as an extension of his soul. Through hard work and intense study at institutions such as Indiana University, Meadowmount
School for Strings, and Juilliard School of Music, Gregory has become, in his own right, an accomplished musician and composer.
He also has had numerous opportunities to work in a variety of fields in the entertainment industry as a studio musician, Broadway show violinist, and composer, creating theater, movie and television soundtracks, as well as performing widely in classical music performances with many renowned artists.
Maestro Singer has been asked to conduct orchestras all over the world, including Italy, Russia, France, and China. He consistently brings his unique style and personable charm to each performance, and likes to ensure that no two performances are ever the same.
In 2001, he opened Gregory Singer Fine Violins, on the Upper West Side, earning his store such praise as to be considered the best violin shop in all of New York. By bringing to his violin shop what he brings to his concerts: a love of music full of warmth and charisma and a genuine desire to help people, his store has become much more than just a place to buy a new packet of strings. Visitors to Gregory Singer Fine Violins rave about the breadth of choice and welcoming atmosphere, but most of all about the way Gregory takes time and care with each customer, going above and beyond to help any visitor with a passion for music.


In 2005, Maestro Singer founded the Manhattan Symphonie of New York. Within a year, Daniel Lucy, from the NY-Tokyo Express marked the symphony as the one to watch, calling the orchestra “some of the finest musicians New York City has raised and nurtured.”
Quickly gaining momentum and increasing global success year after year, the Manhattan Symphonie has had the honor of being invited to play concerts around the world in such iconic music venues as Carnegie Hall, and the Lincoln Center, as well as a 50-city tour across China in five individual tours.

Information provided by Gregory Singer
Gregory Aryeh Singer Violinist & Conductor
As a talented artist and creative businessman, Mr. Singer is an ambassador for cultural growth and change, demonstrating how music can be a powerful tool that can bridge language and cultural barriers. Through his work as a performer and an educator, through the events that he produces and manages, and as a board member of some of New York’s foremost arts organizations, Mr. Singer is a genuine testament of excellence demonstrated through his love of music and performance. He is also talented, prolific artist.
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