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Master Your Health: How Dina Stein Helps Clients Let go of Toxicity and Embrace Wellness

Dina Stein is a health and wellness coach with more than a decade of experience with various aspects of the industry. She’s worked as a teacher, a special-ed therapist, a facilitator, a nutritionist and a
health coach. She is currently considered one of the top influencers and leaders for the health-conscious of New York City. Dina is the founder of Desserts After Dark, a healthy dessert service that delivers guilt-free, delicious treats made from fruit, nuts, plant-based protein, spices and natural unrefined sugar. Her goal is to empower individuals, communities and companies to develop a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.
We interviewed Dina to find out more about her practice and philosophy about health.

What is the role of a health and wellness coach?
A health and wellness coach provides the tools and resources for clients to face their challenges, overcome their fears, beat their addictions and pursue their dreams. Instead of viewing diet and exercise as restrictions, I encourage clients to view them as a renewal. When you release the “toxic” old habits and substances which no longer serve your potential and growth, you can make room for new, fresh and expansive energy!

Do you think health and wellness coaching bridges the gap between traditional healthcare and the behavioral changes necessary to sustain good habits?

Yes! In traditional health care we are taught to seek treatment when we’re already ill; in health and wellness coaching, we use food as fuel to prevent illness and ailment. Now, more than ever, people are realizing that you don’t need to hit rock bottom to put your own health and happiness first.
As a wellness coach, what techniques do you use to change people’s attitudes to exercising and diet? Instead of focusing on restricting calories, worrying about weight gain and obsessing over hours spent at the gym, I encourage my clients to focus on using natural, nutrient-dense ingredients, selling a custom workout (moving your body in a way you love), and incorporating healthy indulgences as a means to sustain a good level of power, energy and focus for long-term results. Many people trying to eat better will be “good” and “eat well” most of the time. But as soon as something happens outside of their control, or they have a moment of weakness, they may binge as a form of self-punishment. By contrast, when we embrace food as nourishment and fuel, our mindset begins to shift. We begin to honor ourselves and select only the highest quality nourishment to put into our bodies. Healthy foods, positive thoughts and movement from a place of love become a reward rather than a punishment.
I encourage my clients to eat out of love rather than fear. When you act out of fear, you attract what you fear the most. So, for example, if you want to eat well because you’re scared of getting sick or gaining weight, you’re likely to find yourself struggling with precisely those things. When you pursue a healthy lifestyle be- cause you love yourself and your body and believe they deserve to be treated well, you are on the right path to mastering your health.

How do you combine your roles as a health and wellness coach and nutritionist?

A nutritionist provides clients with a meal plan and alternative healthy approaches, while a health and wellness coach helps clients implement the plan.
Health coaching empowers you to say “no” to toxicity—in the form of sugar, chemicals and preservatives, as well as toxic relationships and environmental restrictions. I invite clients to shape their destinies by selecting only quality “non-toxic sources” for physical and emotional nourishment. I’m there to encourage my clients, help push them past their obstacles and achieve their goals and, ultimately, help them redefine and improve the quality of their entire lives.

How do you help your clients have a healthy relationship with food?
How we feed and treat our bodies is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. The best way to heal your relationship with food is to start by becoming more conscious of how and why you eat the way you do. There’s one simple question that can help you turn everything around: “Am I eating out of love or fear?” If the answer is love—keep going. If the answer is fear, a health coach will help you shift your attitude and provide a clean, fun lifestyle program that will yield long-term results.

What do you enjoy most about being a health and wellness coach?
Helping my clients transform their lives and succeed! Often when I meet new clients I realize that they have settled for less than what they deserve and less than what they think they can achieve. Once my clients acquire the simple, yet vital, life-tools that will help them tap into their power and own their passions—it’s incredible how quickly they achieve results! Being part of the journey in transforming everyday experiences into an extraordinary life with optimized health, vitality and energy is both magical and incredibly rewarding.


xx, Dina
For private coaching, meal plans, detox program consultations and group seminars, or to learn more about exciting updates in the health and wellness industry, contact Dina Stein at (718) 663-1801


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