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Moving Relocations: the Real Estate Broker Who Does All the Legwork

Whether the elderly client is staying in place or moving base

Moving to a new home is a stressful endeavor for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for the elderly. Aging residents may need to move because of declining health or limited mobility, and transferring to a new home or assisted living facility can be an emotionally charged and painful process for both the seniors and their children. Aside from navigating the bureaucracy, paperwork, and medical system, they need to sort through photographs and part with beloved items, often leaving homes full of memories, long-time neighbors, friends, and habitual, cherished activities behind. Marilyn Karpoff, the owner and creative force behind Karpoff Affliates, Inc., recognizes and seeks to address this diffculty. Aside from the full range of real estate services, Karpoff offers a senior transition service, Moving On NYC, and an Aging In Place plan where she helps people stay at home as long as they are able, providing everything to make that possible. Marilyn and her team manage every detail of the move, from decluttering to packing to remodeling to checking that utilities are disconnected then reconnected—as well as handling all real estate issues.
Her service provides peace of mind and compassionate support to seniors and their families.
Marilyn spoke to us about her business and what inspired her to launch Moving On NYC and Aging in Place.

What’s your background in real estate?

I’ve been in the real estate business for 33 years and I started engaging in senior move management 18 years ago. I began with commercial real estate, expanded to residential real estate and finally to senior move management as I saw the need for helping older people and their families. My business handles a wide range of real estate services, so we can help in any aspect of real estate in addition to the assistance we provide seniors transitioning into a new phase of their lives.

Which neighborhoods do you work in?
We work in all five boroughs, as well as the tri-state cities. We also do real estate in all the major cities—and in Israel too.

What distinguishes you from other real estate agents in New York?
What distinguishes us from other agents in New York is the fact that we manage every little detail, connecting clients with all the necessary professionals. We provide peace of mind and ensure that each project is handled with respect and integrity. I deal with each person as though they were my own family.

What services and benefits do your clients enjoy?

Our clients benefit from the fact that we have been in business for many years and have built up a network of attorneys, estate guardians, social workers, caregivers, assisted living or retirement communities, antiques dealers and donation facilities. We even help rehome any pets that can’t ac- company their owners to their new place of residence. We determine the market value of your home. We supervise cleaning, minor renovation projects and we recommend contractors, painters and mortgage brokers. We evaluate furnishings and home contents to help guide the client in regards to what should be kept, bequeathed, sold, donated, shredded or discarded. We assist in packing, contacting and supervising professional movers. We can also refurbish and renovate the new home to ensure maximum personal safety and independence. Additionally, we provide emotional and physical support, since this can be a challenging time.

How did you get involved in senior move management?
In the course of conducting real estate transactions, I discovered that many individuals, particularly baby boomers, were struggling to care for their aging parents while trying to maintain their own work- life balance. I understood the needs of this population all too well because of my own family situation: I cared for my mother, who was in her 90s and wanted to stay at home. That was the beginning of my learning journey which resulted in my Aging in Place program; I adapted her domicile for safe living and accessibility, and I arranged for a full-time aide who was with her until she passed away at the age of 93.
Often, I encounter situations where seniors have no children or family nearby (or at all) and I’m called upon to assist with emptying the residence, redesigning it or managing tasks of relocation. It was through these experiences that I developed my signature service, Moving On NYC. I understand and appreciate the burdens of eldercare as well as the burdens of loss. Grown children need emotional support while caring for their parents during these transitional periods.

What is the role of a senior move manager?

The role of a senior move manager is to help alleviate the stress and emotional burden that a move can cause to an elderly person. The logistics can make a move like this very difficult, and the circumstances surrounding it may be quite distressing. For example, sometimes the move follows the loss of a family member. We are there for guidance and support. As professional real estate brokers, we can handle all the details, so the client only has to deal with one person from beginning to end. We develop a customized transition plan tailored to the client’s needs and limitations.

Can you tell us about your Aging In Place plan?
We believe that if an elderly person wishes to keep living at home, we should do everything we can to make that possible. In these cases, we draw up a detailed plan that takes into account everything required to make it safe and comfortable for them to stay at home. We introduce them to aides and care managers and can redesign their homes to accommodate their health, mobility and accessibility needs.

What’s important to know before purchasing a property?
Before buying a property, a person must ensure that they can support the costs associated with it. They should choose a property based on their needs—for example, whether they need proximity to transportation, schools, markets, hospitals or the homes of loved ones.

What do you love about city living?

For me, there is nothing like the excitement of living in the city. The city has so much to offer, and I take advantage of it all, including theater, concerts, restaurants, museums and organizations.

Do you have any success stories to share?
One client, Debbie Smith, wrote this heartwarming testimonial: “Marilyn Karpoff went above and beyond what I had ever expected from a real estate broker. I was in a difficult situation, having lost my brother, and I lived in another state. She helped me sell my NY properties for excellent prices, she handled all the little and big things—arranging for the donation or sale of property contents, tracking down necessary paperwork that would have overwhelmed me from a thousand miles away. Broker, legal advisor, negotiator, therapist and ultimately, friend. Marilyn was always available for me, kept me sane, and most importantly, I could trust her to watch out for my best interests every step of the way.”
I’m honored to have been able to help Debbie and many others in similar situations.


Marilyn Karpoff of Karpoff Affiliates, Inc. is a licensed Real Estate Broker and Moving On NYC/Senior Transition Specialist.
Email: Ph: 212-358-8044, Fax: 646-607-7259

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