Never Fomo — Call a Line Dude!

Whatever the event or product, Line Dudes show up and do the work so you don’t have to, freeing you up for more important things like…life. Robert Samuel filled us in on what’s worth waiting for in NYC.

Where on earth did you come up with this fabulous idea?
I was fired from my job at AT&T so I posted a Craigslist ad offering to wait for someone’s iPhone 5 to make a quick $100. The guy who hired me finished his Apple order online but paid me anyway for my time and encouraged me to sell my spot in the line. A few months later I gave it a name: Same Ole Line Dudes.

After how many lines does a dude become a professional line sitter?

After your first assignment, you’re a professional! This isn’t rocket science. We aim for great customer service and punctuality.

What do you do while you’re sitting or standing in line?
We are lovers of all streaming services, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc. We also work hard at promoting our service to potential clients waiting in the line. We explain that we are waiting in line in place of our client, so there’s no drama when he arrives.

Can you tell us about some unusual requests?

Hiring a line sitter to get food samples or other free stuff has always struck me as odd. But I have actually been paid to wait for a Star Wars poster and a free Oreo spread from Cronut creator, Dominique Ansel. I have also been hired to wait in line for Pre-K registration and senior citizen home registration.

Why does the musical Hamilton get its own tab on your website?

We’ve been doing Hamilton for over two years and it’s actually our most popular request. The more information we can provide online, the less questions prospective clients will ask when they call. Resale prices are heavily inflated; people might think the show is outside their reach. No! It’s easy to get tickets. You just have to put in the time on the sidewalk and that’s what we do.

What’s the most challenging aspect of this business?

Finding public bathrooms. 😉

What product or service had the longest waiting time?

Our record is 96 hours during the final days of Hamilton, starring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., and Phillipa Soo, leading up to their final 7/9 show. But every year, it’s the new iPhone model with a 48-72 hour wait.

How does it work? One line sitter per reservation?

It varies, depending on what the wait is for. For example, anything that’s on sale is on a strict 1:1 client to line sitter ratio because it may sell out. If it’s an experience, like an exhibit or concert, we may do a 2:1 or, for restaurants, a 4:1, because the food isn’t running out any time soon. It was trial and error for a while, until we figured out what works.

What are the legalities? Can someone behind you in line contest your right to be there?
No, there are no legal issues. Task Rabbit took care of that. They can contest but it’s no different than a family member holding you a spot—except we get paid! We’ve only had to abort a job once in five years of business because some rabid Phish fans threatened physical violence and intimidated our client into canceling.

Might someone request a specific line dude a second time?

Yes, they might. And we encourage that, especially if they’re a great tipper! If it’s a customer with a repeat request, the sitter they’ve used before knows the ins and outs of what to expect on line, so the customer won’t have to explain each time where to stand and what to do. We actually have a client with a specific line sitter reserved for his monthly municipal parking reservation.

How does it work if the client doesn’t receive the product or service they asked for?
In some cases, we offer a 40% discount on a future wait for the amount of hours they had originally booked for. This is provided they took our advice and followed instructions. This is especially true if we are regulars on that line and we know what works.

Where do you see your business in five years? Will we see Disneyland Line Dudes?
We’ve been courted for franchise opportunities in major cities here in the US and abroad. Right now we are weighing our options. New York has been very good to us these past five years but there’s always room to expand. And, for the record, Disneyland wouldn’t let a third-party service provider affect their FastPass product, so that’s not happening any time soon.

What has contributed to your success?

Line Dudes’ success primarily came from media exposure of Cronut Delivery and has spread via New York local print, radio and TV interviews.

Is there a limit to how long you would wait in line?
No. A true professional doesn’t throw out random time limits. If there’s a line, we’ll make the time.

Any funny moments to share?

We can laugh at it now, but when the Park Avenue Armory put on a production of Mac≠beth in 2014, there was a gentleman behind us who was quite intrigued by line-sitting. After some weird questions, he asked if there were any white people in this line of work and asked for their contact details. We ignored him for the rest of the wait. You have to laugh!

Same Ole Line Dudes is New York’s premier team of professional line sitters who will reduce your wait for
anything this great city has to offer. With over 8 million residents, lines for anything in New York can
be long! Add over 56 million tourists each year and you’re in for an even longer wait!
Email: Web: Twitter/Instagram: @sold_inc Facebook/Yelp: Same Ole Line Dudes “We wait for your wants!”

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