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Tom DeVito discovered his calling while seeking an antidote to his own ailments: a seizure disorder, for which he took medication for over 11 years, as well as severe allergies that impaired his quality of life. He started reading up on alternative health practices, specifically food combining and juicing and gravity colon hydrotherapy, a natural method for cleansing the bowels. Soon after implementing some of these procedures into his life, Tom began to notice a positive change in his health and a rise in his energy level. We interviewed Tommy to find out more about his profession and health philosophy.

So what exactly is gravity colon hydrotherapy?

Gravity colon hydrotherapy introduces a gentle water flow, powered by gravity, into the rectum with the intention of dissolving and removing gaseous waste from the colon. Each session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. I believe that wellbeing improves when the body doesn’t have to over-manage waste products.

Define your term, “Independently Healthy.”
Independently Healthy is about living without depending on drugs or the medical establishment. It means knowing how to maintain your own health and vitality. There’s a peace of mind that comes with that knowledge.

Colon therapy is a pretty intimate therapy; how do you put your clients at ease?
After almost 20 years as a colon therapist, I’ve learned how important it is to help folks relax. In general, keeping a light, non-clinical attitude seems to work well. We are courteous, professional and we take the time to repeatedly reassure the client during their treatment. Once a person gets a few minutes into the session, they’re often surprised at how easy the experience really is.

Explain your formula for health and longevity.

In a sentence: three meals in—three bowel movements out. We encourage our clients to eat a diet of whole foods, avoid processed foods, drink fresh vegetable juice daily, follow a plant-based diet as much as possible, and practice food combining. It’s vital for good health and digestion.
We also advise our clients to get regular exercise. Movement is important; this is especially true once we cross over into middle age. Muscle tone should improve with regular exercise.

Should a patient always check with their doctor before calling you?

A client in good health who isn’t on medication and isn’t pregnant, need not confer with the doctor.
If a person lost a kidney to disease, the surviving kidney might not be able to handle the bloodstream after treatment. They’re advised to ascertain that the one kidney is doing double duty. Otherwise, treatments aren’t advisable. People suffering from arterial disease, heart patients, depending on type of cardiac disease or history of heart attack, people who have suffered from aneurisms, strokes, etc., should consult with their doctor.

Is the nutrition advisory service part and parcel of colon therapy?
That’s a great question. Some folks don’t make dietary changes, others do. We try to encourage folks to pay attention to proper food combining. We suggest eating plant-based foods and decreasing dairy, meats, flour, chicken, processed food etc. A person who follows our advice will begin the detoxification process simply by abstaining from, or decreasing, consumption of the aforementioned foods. The cleansing diet acts like soap and the colonic rinses away the old waste. Someone who continues to eat the standard American diet full of fat, salt and additives, will need to cleanse their bowels more than people who eat more naturally.

How do you ensure the safety of your clients?

Our collective knowledge and experience is the most important component of our safe practices. Even though our approach to diet might seem extreme to some, we suggest simple changes which should be implemented slowly. We believe in personally guiding our clients every little step of the way on their journey to a state of health, vibrancy and wellbeing.


Tom serves clients of all ages with various health conditions at Vitality NYC, his detox studio in Manhattan. He has 19 years’ experience, a sense of humor, and a passion for helping clients become “independently healthy.”
Contact Tom on: 917-796-2430 or

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