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Neil Miller Consulting provides businesses with a full range of accounting services.

What was the inspiration for starting your own consulting business?

While I was working for large corporations, I would meet small-business owners who needed my expertise but could not hire a full-time accountant or controller. I realized that this was a viable market opportunity, and also a chance to help people where they really needed it. I find it extremely rewarding to help small companies reach their potential. From my perspective, running my own business gives me the freedom to choose the people I work with, while being the sole driving force for achieving my own professional goals.

What services do you offer?
We offer the full range of accounting services—everything from setting up books, preparation of financial statements and budgets, to forensic accounting and tax return filings. We also help startups decide which organizational structure is optimum and help file those documents as well.

Do you have a specific area of expertise?
I specialize in helping companies grow. Whether that involves evaluating financial statements for accuracy and missed opportunities, or helping with day-to-day or monthly accounting processes, I provide whatever a business needs to get to the next level.

What size companies do you work with?

Any company that doesn’t need a full-time accountant or controller would benefit from our outsourced accounting services. We serve virtually all sectors, including manufacturing, technology, service companies and not-for-profits. Our clients are startups, and small-to-mid-sized businesses at nearly every stage of growth.

Who makes up your staff?

I have partnered with an experienced tax professional. Additionally, we have a team of freelance bookkeepers and lower-level professionals who can provide temporary or as-needed services to businesses with limited needs and budgets.

How do you differentiate yourself from other accounting professionals in the industry?
First and most importantly, I take great pride in providing exceptional client service and in being responsive to my clients’ needs. I answer my own phone, so there aren’t multiple layers of people to get through before you reach me. Also, I do most of the work myself, so my clients don’t have to worry about lesser-qualified associates doing their work. Finally, over thirty-five years of experience with companies of all kinds sets me apart from most accountants working today.

Why would a company choose an outsourced accounting service over an in-house accountant?
Outsource accounting is the most cost-effective choice a company can make. No need to pay for employee benefits or payroll taxes. Our message is, “You only get the services you need and only when you need them.”

What do you enjoy most about the comprehensive service you offer?
My clients think of me as a trusted advisor who gives impartial advice, not only with regard to accounting issues, but also other business concerns. I am very grateful to be able to help companies reach growth milestones successfully and take their businesses to the next level and beyond.

How can a small business benefit from having a budget?
A company that doesn’t have a budget is essentially “flying blind.” Without comparing incoming revenue against expenses, a business cannot know if it can afford major purchases, new hires or any significant expansion. Conversely, a budget can indicate that an organization needs to cut costs. It also enables a business to set measurable goals and assign responsibility and accountability.

What is the single most important piece of advice for start-ups?

Set up your accounting efficiently at the company’s inception. This will save time, money, and potential heartache in the future.

Please explain forensic accounting and its application.
Forensic accounting is the detailed review of accounting records in order to track the flow of money from one source to another. This might apply if there is a dispute between business partners regarding cash received and spent. When couples are going through a divorce, one spouse hiding money from the other can be an issue. Forensic accounting techniques will enable the accountant to find out where the money went, and convey this essential information to attorneys involved in litigation.

Are there any measures a corporation can take to prevent fraud and embezzlement rather than reacting after it has transpired?

It’s essential to establish proper internal controls at the outset. By delegating and segregating employee duties, a company can avoid conflicts. Most importantly, there should be a system of adequate checks and balances to ensure that there isn’t only one employee with sole access to company assets.

What is the biggest challenge working in this industry?
My biggest challenge is reaching individuals and businesses and making them aware of the benefits of outsourced accounting and how an outsourced consultant can help them reach their goals.


Neil Miller is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Internal Auditor with an MBA in Finance. He worked for Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, and organizations in various stages of growth. Most
recently, he has been an outsourced accounting consultant and controller for small to mid-sized companies. His current clients are in a wide range of industries, including non-profit organizations.
Neil Miller can be reached at 917-974-6651, or through his website

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