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Violin Craftsmanship as the Color and Texture of an Artist’s Imagination


A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy? This recipe for life’s pleasures is attributed to Albert Einstein, who was a gifted musician himself. You can’t help thinking that Albert would have felt very much at home at Lukas Violins on the Upper West Side.

Lukas Wronski, owner of Lukas Violins, was born in Poland to a family with an artistic heritage going back centuries. He began playing the violin when he was only eight years old and then switched to violin craftsmanship at the age of thirteen. Lukas went on to study the profession with masters of the trade in Limanowa, Poznan, and Zakopane, Poland; London, England; and Cremona, Italy. In the eleven years he has lived and worked in Manhattan, Lukas has amassed a loyal clientele, and is fast becoming one of the most respected violinmakers and dealers in the city.

Lukas’s goal is to keep refining his art to the extent that a proud owner of a Lukas violin will have the opportunity to play a violin that is not only beautiful, but is also one that will continue to produce a magnificent sound for many years to come. “I always try to craft instruments that create rich, wonderful sounds with the depth and soul of a piece of art. I draw inspiration from the old Italian masters and create close replicas of their instruments, especially Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu, Pietro Guarneri, Carlo Bergonzi, Amatis and others.”

Violin making combines the fine visual arts with the acoustic arts. Instrument design and construction rely on curved lines and surfaces; the curvature makes it possible for the instrument to be both light and strong. To create a fine violin, the craftsman must have a deep understanding of the raw materials and an instinctive sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each piece of wood. The design, structure and choice of wood all determine the quality of the finished product. Lukas goes to great lengths to select the perfect type of wood for each instrument he creates. It must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also have optimal weight, strength and flexibility.

The internationally acclaimed musicians among Lukas’s clients affirm that his creations can easily stand shoulder-to-shoulder with instruments created by the Italian masters—with some even insisting they prefer Lukas’s pieces! Lukas has mastered the creation of those unique award-winning designs, yet he never forgets to consider a client’s individual needs. Thanks to his careful personal attention, he has formed many friendships with the like-minded artists who seek out his expertise.

Indeed, musicians who appreciate fine craftsmanship will delight in the lovingly handcrafted display pieces and feel secure that they are making a wise investment. Lukas may specialize in custom-made instruments, but he will also expertly restore, appraise and service other violins and bows, or sell the customer something from his wide range of ready-made instruments (including children’s
fractional sizes).

Whether you are a beginner or a world-class professional, the search for your perfect violin will end at his door. Moreover, purchases come with certification and appraisal, while almost all options also have a future trade-in guaranteed. Lukas offers every client routine maintenance, sound-post adjustments, and small repairs needed as a result of accidents or inclement weather. To put it succinctly, Lukas is the Violin Doctor. Whether dealing with one of his handcrafted masterpieces, or a mass produced instrument, Lukas treats every violin he handles like a priceless work of art.

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