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Yuri Kruman: Walking the Walk and Mastering the Talk

Gain clarity, find your dream job and get unstuck while forging forward with a straight-talking sensei

What motivated you to enter this field of work?

From a young age I developed a sense for good story-telling and a talent for listening. Since that time, I’ve coached family, friends, and even perfect strangers, in the art of telling a great story to their audiences. Throughout my career, I’ve coached and consulted Fortune 500 and top startup execs on everything from HR, product management, law compliance and finance operations, to fundraising and Biz Dev. I’ve combined my proven formula for successful career changes with direct insight gained from hiring talent for startups.

What is the goal of career coaching?
The goal is to help you find your life mission, create your individual action plan, and help you pursue it. We increase your value—you can request a higher wage and you will get promoted faster. Ultimately, we help you find fulfillment and success in your work and life.

Can you describe the process of how you work with clients?
First, we make sure it’s a great match between client and coach. After enrollment, we go through our proven 4-Pillar Methodology to establish the client’s life mission, values, desired outcomes and role, as well as identify their “founding stories” and any negative scripts preventing self-actualization. We then map the 4 Pillars to a title and industry, do careful company research, reach out to decision makers directly, and prepare the client thoroughly for calls, meetings and interviews. We will then negotiate each offer and select the best one for their dream job. The client can then choose to stay with us for ongoing support to accelerate promotion and pay increases, as well as coaching towards substantive success in their new role. We help clients with anything from mindset and language adjustments to life mission analysis. We implement company research and outreach, transform resumes and LinkedIn profiles and conduct thorough interview preparation. Additionally, we offer negotiation, new manager and executive training, and corporate team building.

What skills do you draw upon to help a client succeed?
My fortes are language and psychology. I draw upon both to help clients formulate their story for each audience, tell it confidently, and become part of a new “club” in their intended industry without connections or prior experience.

Is career coaching only for someone who is looking for a job or deciding what profession to go into?

Career coaching is for every stage of one’s career, because there’s no such thing as “taking a break” from the job market in the current economy, as stable or as lucrative as your current job may seem. Everyone is expected to have a career portfolio of some sort and should always be looking to grow as a manager, leader or even team member. In fact, if you start looking for a career coach only once your job is in danger or you’re out (as far too many passive people do), it means you’re already behind. Start a conversation today. There is always much more you could be doing to accelerate your career and to reach your goals much faster.

What background do you need to become a career coach?
Career coaching is currently unregulated (meaning no certification is required for practitioners), but the truth is, certification has limited value, because what really matters is experience in a world where industries are changing so quickly.

What do you find the most rewarding about your work?
That moment when a client gains clarity with herself, “clicks” with her life’s mission, changes her posture and voice and forges confidently ahead to get results. This is the magic of what I do and why I love it.

Please describe one successful experience where you made a great impact on a client’s career development.
A VP of Sales and Biz Dev in Pharma found me on LinkedIn. She was just let go and was desperate to get back to work ASAP. After only a couple of weeks in the program, she knew her exact direction, had an action plan and was reaching out to decision makers at healthcare startups in her area. Within three months, she had three offers from top VC-backed startups at the top of their game, which we negotiated up by 20%, with better benefits and perks. She went with the one that made the best sense for her lifestyle and family and is happy in her new role—all while working on a side business to bring her extra revenue.

What advice do you have for people who want to pursue career coaching as a profession?

Find your niche, get experience by finding clients locally and in your existing networks. Collect testimonials, create high-ticket programs, get exposure by writing for top publications, do workshops and speaking engagements. Finally, write a book. It’s that easy! Seriously, though, always continue learning and get yourself a coach to to guide you through the crazy journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

Yuri Kruman is a New York-based executive, career and life coach, and professional strategist for Fortune 500 and tech start- up executives. As a Member of the Forbes Career Council and CEO/Founder of Master the Talk Career Consulting, he has helped hundreds of Millennial and Gen X execs in finance, law, consulting, marketing, healthcare and other industries to find their life’s mission, gain clarity, find their dream job, and increase their salary by an average of 20%. He is also a sought-after speaker, startup advisor, podcast guest and widely-published author (Forbes, Inc.,Fast Co., Mashable,Time and other top publications and blogs).
Contact Yuri at, 347-415-0265 or

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